2nd Month Pregnancy Diet Full Details For Health Care

2nd Month Pregnancy Diet Full Details For Health Care


2nd month pregnancy means you have been 5 weeks pregnant. Many women do not even know that she is pregnant and by the time it is discovered.she has reached the second month of pregnancy. So let us know what kind of diet we should take in 2nd month pregnancy so that your baby can grow healthily


Second month During pregnancy, you may have a lot of discomfort like morning-morning health and lack of mood, so you don’t feel like eating or drinking anything in the morning. But you should know that in the 2nd month of pregnancy, your baby’s brain starts developing, after a few weeks it starts forming the baby’s back bone, and the nerves in which the blood starts to flow.


That is why it is very important to have a healthy diet in the 2nd month pregnancy, so today we will know what you should eat at this time and what not.


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What type of DIET should you take in 2ND MONTH


1. Folic Acid: This is vitamin B, which is a vitamin that must be taken in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Because it helps your child’s brain cells to grow properly. If there is a deficiency of vitamin B in your body, then your baby can also be born bad.


Therefore, to take vitamin B, you can eat spinach, all kinds of grains, beans or beans. You must take around 400 mcg of vitamin B throughout the day

2nd Month Pregnancy Diet Full Details


2. Iron: At this time of pregnancy you need 27 mg of iron daily because your body still needs more blood so that your baby can grow properly. If there is a deficiency of iron in your body, then you will feel more tired all the time, along with it you are at increased risk of getting anemia like illness. Therefore, after consulting a good doctor, you can start consuming iron tablets. By the way, you can eat spinach and dates at home because they contain a lot of iron.


3. Calcium: During this time of pregnancy your child’s bones are very flexible and soft, we must take at least 1000 mg calcium throughout the day to give them strength. You can take milk or other things made with milk to take Calcium. Along with that, you can also eat green vegetables, taking calcium in the right proportion gives the baby and your bones to fumigate, along with it the tooth remains healthy.

4. Protein: Many women think that it is necessary to take protein in the early months of pregnancy? Yes, of course, because protein helps to grow your baby’s muscles, along with it, keeps the good blood left in the body. You can eat eggs, meats, freshwater fish, or chickpea, cheese and soybeans to take protein.

What we should not eat in 2ND MONTH

Many women start eating well as soon as they become pregnant so that they can give birth to a healthy baby. But in this affair, she forgets that there are some things to eat and drink that you like but it can be a very harmful factor for the child. So let’s know what you should not eat

1. Half cooked meats like chicken or mutton tandoori contain bacteria called Listeria which may be harmful to your baby.


2. Soft Cheese: Nowadays people have become fond of eating cheese, cheese burger, cheese pakoras, sandwiches, pizzas are all very used in cheese. That is why today I am going to tell you the names of some things that you and your baby can get infection by eating during pregnancy because E. Coli salt bacteria is found in it. So the names of those things are as follows: – Brie, Roquefort and Camembert

2nd Month Pregnancy Diet Full Details

3. Unpasteurized Milk: Such milk which is not  of bacteria, I mean to say that nowadays people drink milk found in packets, so it is not necessary that the grief in every packet is bacteria , always good brand. Use milk of milk and always drink it after boiling the milk properly. Because the milk which is not boiled properly contains dangerous bacteria like Salmonella which can make you and your child sick.


4. Substance Abuse: As we all know narcotics like Alcohol, Tobacco etc. Taking it is harmful for the body. Along with men, there are some women who take all these things. Therefore, please stop taking such items during pregnancy as it can prove harmful for you and your baby’s health.


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