3rd Month Pregnancy Diet What To Eat And What Not To?

3rd Month Pregnancy Diet What To Eat And What Not To?


We’re glad you’re in the third month of pregnancy. That is, about 8 to 12 weeks have passed since you became pregnant. Today I am going to tell you about what kind of 3rd month pregnancy diet you should take   Before we learn about diet, let us know what changes your body can make in 3rd month pregnancy, so that you can prepare yourself mentally and physically.

3RD MONTH Changes in your body

From the third month of pregnancy, you will start gaining weight fast along with other problems like nausea, loss of appetite, sleep deprivation. But there is nothing to worry about because after 3rd month you will stop having all these problems

Now we will know about the increase in your womb: –

At this time inside your womb, which is like a lump of flesh. He begins to take shape. That is, at this time the body of the baby begins to form in your womb   By the end of 3rd month, the fetus is fully developed in the womb, such as its hair, Denton’s gums, nails, heart, kidney, eyes, penis, etc. are fully developed.   It is important to note that many women have or are at risk of miscarriage during the 3rd month. So in the third month of pregnancy, you have to pay special attention to your diet


So let us know, what kind of diet should you follow in the third month of pregnancy so that you and your baby can grow healthy

1. Take Vitamin B6:

As I said before, at this time you will have more complaints of nausea. Which can cause you to vomit again and again, this makes you look weak and your face looks withered   In this case you should take more Vitamin B6, it improves your mood and helps in reducing symptoms like nausea, vomiting.   For Vitamin B6 you can eat citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, oranges etc. You can also consume potatoes, green vegetables and eggs



2. Fresh fruits:

There is no better diet than fruit during pregnancy and nothing because fruits contain antioxidants, all kinds of vitamins, minerals, natural sugar and fiber. At the same time it also eliminates dehydration in your body. Always eat fresh fruits available in the market



3. Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates provide you and your baby with much needed energy. So consume as much carbohydrates as possible, for this you can eat bread, rice, porridge, potatoes.

4. Meats:

If you like non veg food, this is the perfect time. Just make sure the meat is cooked properly and neatly. Eat chicken, mutton, egg, fish (fresh or fresh water) as much as possible. Because they are rich in protein and minerals which help your baby’s muscles to grow faster


5. Iron and Folate:

These two minerals are essential for the mental and physical development of your child. So be sure to include turnips, beetroot, chickpeas, beans, oranges, potatoes, eggs and all kinds of green vegetables in your diet.



6. Dairy Products:

From pregnancy to after the baby is born, it is very important for you. Because it contains Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals which strengthens the bones of the baby. Therefore, you must consume milk, curd, ghee, kheer etc. daily



3RD MONTH PREGNANCY DIET- What we should not eat

You have been pregnant for 8 to 12 weeks. After this you are going to ask in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is a delicate watch for you and your baby. That is why you must take care of your diet, avoid eating anything and if possible consult a doctor.

So let us know what are the foods you should not eat at this time:


1. Junk Food:

You should not eat all kinds of readymade food items like burger, pizza, Chinese, chaat masala, bhajiyani, pakodas, tandoori chicken etc. Because they are not made neatly and also contain dangerous bacteria that can make you and your baby sick

2. Seafood:

Seafood i.e. fish from sea or river like fish etc. Methylmercury salt is found in sea fish. Which impedes the brain development of the child


If you have too much methylmercury in your body, your child may be born mentally handicapped. So consume only freshwater fish at the time of pregnancy

3. Tinned Food:

That is, food items found in sealed boxes such as: – pickles, rasgulle, fruit juice, and also do not know In fact, chemicals are added to canned food to keep it safe for a long time. Which is not good for your child’s health at all



3rd Month Pregnancy Diet What To Eat And What Not To?

4. Drugs:

As we all know, drugs are harmful to health. But despite this, some women continue to consume them even after they are pregnant, such as smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing


Intoxication during pregnancy can cause serious harm to you and the baby, in some cases it has been observed that intoxication during pregnancy causes miscarriage in women or the baby is born with a disease like cancer.
 Therefore, I request you, do not do any kind of intoxication during pregnancy, you stay healthy and keep your baby healthy.


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