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5 Best Chest Exercises for Men-The Ultimate Chest Workout

5 Best Chest Exercises for Men-The Ultimate Chest Workout

Chest Exercise: Today we are going to tell you the 5 best exercises to increase chest, due to which your chest will become bigger and better in a month. But for this, first you have to ask yourself the question, are you ready to work hard? Will you follow these tips daily? If you are ready then read this article carefully

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Do you know that 69% of girls are more attracted towards big-chested boys, because good and big chest increases manhood and makes your personality four moons.


First of all, keep in mind that you say increasing your body weight is not an event, so you should not do any exercise in which your body weight is reduced such as: – Running, skipping, and long running exercise.


You can make your chest by sitting at home, for this, there is no need to go outside or GYM. Along with exercise, you should also take care of your food and drink like eating more protein, so that your body will bloom quickly and build big muscles.


1. Normal Push-Ups to Chest Exercise

Push-ups are also called punishments , this is a very simple method by which your chest grows fast.


How to do it: First of all you lie face down on the floor, then keeping your body straight, pushing your body up and down with your hands and feet, you can also follow the picture given above.


Once you put at least 10 dips, then you take a rest of 2 minutes and again put 10 dips, you have to do this at least 5 times.


2. Push up with feet up

To do this type of push up, first of all you choose a good place where there is some open space, then you deposit both your legs on a chair or cot when you feel that both your legs are well fixed. Then you push your body up with your hands as you did in your normal push-up.

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In this exercise, the entire weight of your body falls on your hands and chest, due to which a lot of pressure is read on your chest. You should also do this at least 10 times, then take a rest of 2 minutes and repeat it 5 more times. Got 50 times that total


3. Push-ups with both hands close

When you start doing the above push-ups properly, then you try this 3 number exercise, it will be a little hard but by doing this, the part of your chest where the line is streaking will get good cutting and Your chest will look full


4. Push-ups by placing weight on your back

In a few days you will start feeling normal all these exercises.then you put some weight on your back so that the pressure on your chest is beyond. Keep as much weight on the back as you can lift. As the days go by you can increase your weight so that your chest has to work harder.

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5. Push-ups with one hand

This is one of the most difficult exercises to start only when your body gets used to the exercise given above. Like all the exercises given above, it is also very simple, in this it is empty that you have to use only one hand without using both hands.


If you do these 5 given Chest Exercise  daily, then soon your chest will become big and wide.but please take care of your food as well, because good food makes good health.

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