7th Month Pregnancy Diet – What to Eat and What Not

7th Month Pregnancy Diet – What to Eat and What Not

In today’s post, we will know about the 7th Month Pregnancy Diet as your 7th month has started and with this your happiness has increased even more. In such a time you need to be more happy. Some of the symptoms that occur during this phase are a good way to correct them.


Anything you eat during this time will have a direct effect on your child. You should take such foods that give you 450 kailori daily.

What to eat in 7th month

1- Iron-rich diet – Bleeding also occurs during childbirth due to which there is a lack of blood in the body which is known as Anaemia. So to avoid anemia, a diet containing iron should be taken, about 27 mg of iron should be taken in your diet. Spinach, green vegetables, beens, rice milk should also be included daily in your diet


2- Calcium rich diet – Calcium is also a very important nutrient element which is necessary to be included in your daily diet, because at this stage your baby’s bones are also being formed, then you should take 1000 mg at least daily in your diet. . Milk, yogurt, and milk should be taken from cheese, fish, egg, and porridge




3- Magnesium rich diet – Magnesium will absorb the calcium taken by you and will also relieve leg cramps and help to relax muscles. Prevents premature labor. You should include 350-400 mg magnesium daily in your diet. Almonds, barley, and pumpkin seeds are good sources.


4- Vitamin C rich diet – Vitamin C should also be included in your diet. Watermelon, lemon, orange and green chillies should also be consumed in it


5- Fruits and vegetables – In this phase of pregnancy, it is necessary to consume fruits from time to time, as well as follow juice. Fresh and green vegetables should also be included in your diet.


6- Fiber rich diet – Constipation is common in Pregnancy. To avoid this, you should also consume fresh and dry proof beans. And should also drink plenty of water or other liquids


7th Month Pregnancy Diet


1- Oily and spicy food – During this time you should avoid eating more spices and fried things. And dinner should always be eaten lightly at night

2- Avoid using packaged things – Packing or plastic containers should be avoided by eating things. Chips, ketchup, sauces should be avoided with all these things

3- Junk food should also be avoided – Chow Mein, burger, pasta should be avoided in all these junk foods. Instead, eat healthy and nutritious foods.

4- Caffeine, tobacco, alcocal – know by name that it is all harmful substances. Their consumption hurts not only the mother but also the health of the child.

A balanced and healthy diet affects not only you but also your child. Therefore, always eat good, fresh food. Along with this, light-weight exercise should also be done, so that both the body and the mind live automatically and the child will develop well.

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