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Diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 1 symptoms, What is diabetes 


Are you concerned that you may have type 1 diabetes? To give you a starting point so you can notice the possibility that you have type 1 diabetes, here are some conditions to consider. It is essential to consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:


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1. Excessive urination: If you have type 1 diabetes and wonder why you have excessive urination, it is because when your blood glucose levels are above 180 mg / dl, your kidneys cannot send all of the extra glucose into your blood.

The urine is extremely concentrated due to the amount of glucose it contains. Because of this, the body automatically draws water from the blood and then into the urine, producing high levels of glucose. Finally, both the water in the glucose fills your bladder frequently.

2. Higher than normal feeling of thirst: Due to the excessive urination you are experiencing, your body dumps tons of water every hour. The result of this is dehydration and makes you very thirsty.


symptoms, What diabetes type 1

3. Weight loss: Weight loss is very common in people with type 1 diabetes. Because your body is losing glucose in your urine, there is no energy you can use and therefore begins to cannibalize and break down muscle tissue and fat in your search for energy.

4. Hunger: At this point you face extreme levels of hunger. This is because the cells in your body are malnourished due to a lack of insulin that is normally used to send glucose to the cells. Now, even after eating, the feeling of still being hungry is a constant feeling, even though there is a lot of food in the stomach.

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5. Fatigue: Extreme fatigue and weakness will now accumulate. You are urinating excessively, your body is losing water and you are very thirsty, your system is now losing weight because it has no energy to extract and it is cannibalizing good muscle tissue, and because your cells are malnourished, you feel hunger. Add them all and you will be left with a body that is malnourished and does not get the energy that glucose requires. This leaves you feeling extremely tired and fatigued.


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