First Month Pregnancy Diet : What to Eat and Why?

First Month Pregnancy Diet : What to Eat and Why?


In the First Month Pregnancy, some women do not know that she is pregnant. But when you stop having periods suddenly. Then there is a feeling in your mind that maybe you have become pregnant.

In such a situation, the best way to detect pregnancy is to do a pregnancy test. If the results are positive after the test, then you are in the pregnancy stage of 2 to 2.5 weeks. That is, the first month of your pregnancy has already started.

Now a lot of thoughts are coming in your mind, on one hand you feel happy, on the other hand you start having various kinds of worries. Who will manage in all this, what should I eat in such a situation, what should I do or what should not be done and what not

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Whom does Protein get and why is it important?

After the pregnancy is known, first of all, you have to change your lifestyle. Otherwise, you may inadvertently harm the unborn child. So let us know what increase lane you want in your life: –

  1. Do not lift things that are overweight
  2. Regular balanced diet should be taken
  3. Junk food means spring food should be stopped
  4. Long distance and discomfort should not go right
  5. Avoiding getting angry, fighting, quarrelling and being unhappy
  6. Should stop mating with her life partner

There is nothing to worry about, if you implement the above mentioned things well, then there will be no danger to you and your baby during pregnancy, both of you will remain healthy.

So let us know what kind of diet you should take in the first month of pregnancy so that your baby can grow well and going forward you can give birth to a healthy and healthy baby.

Perhaps you do not know that women have to face many difficulties in the first month of pregnancy. Such as vomiting, headache, nausea, swelling, pain at the time of periods, excessive appetite, excessive sleepiness.

All these symptoms are different in all women. It is not necessary that you have to face all these problems, some problems will be more and less, and it is common to happen so there is nothing to worry about

There is only one solution to reduce all these problems and that is balanced and healthy diet i.e. healthy and post meals. The thing to note here is that from 1st month to 3rd month, the brain of the child develops, so include the following 1st month pregnancy diet plan in your diet.

What to eat in First Month Pregnancy?

1. Folate-Rich Foods: Although your doctor may have given you tablets of folic acid, but still you should take a flote-rich diet. Because it helps your baby grow by reducing the difficulties of pregnancy. Folate rich food: – Orange, potato, cauliflower, egg, beans, beans, and green vegetables should be eaten.

First Month Pregnancy Diet : What to Eat and Why?

2. Vitamin B6: This is an important vitamin that every woman should take more in the first month of pregnancy because Vitamin B6 helps in reducing the discomfort like vomiting and nausea. For vitamin B6, you should eat all kinds of grains, fish ie, munchies, peanut sauce, bananas, almonds and walnut

3. Fruits: A good diet with fruits and nothing else in this world. Because all kinds of vitamins are found in it, which is very important for healthy pregnancy. Vitamins, liquid / water, and antioxidants are found in plenty in fruits. We also get fiber from some fruits. Due to which our digestive system is good. A diet of fruits should be eaten 3 times a day from the first month of pregnancy.

4. Milk Products: If you do not have any problem with drinking milk, then you must drink it daily because it contains proteins, vitamins, calcium, water, healthy fats, folic acid and vitamin D. Some women do not like to drink milk, in such a situation you can take things made from milk like: – yogurt, cheese etc.

5. Meats: In the first month of pregnancy it is absolutely safe to eat chicken and mutton, but keep it carefully cooked. Because raw meats may contain bacteria which can make you and your child sick. Chicken and meat are a good source of protein and vitamins that help your baby’s muscles grow.

First Month Pregnancy Diet What to Eat and Why?

6. Iron-Rich Foods: Mother and child need blood with maximum oxygen. In order to meet the anemia, we should eat whole food filled with iron such as: – turnips, spinach, beans / beans, dry fruits, mutton and chicken. By the way, doctors give iron pills during 4 months of pregnancy, but you should take the above mentioned food from the first month so that you can get iron naturally.

7. Sugary Foods: Sweet in your food like: – Kheer, Dalis, Gudha, Samaya, Sugarcane juice, Sugar etc. Eating sweet gives us 200 to 300 extra calories throughout the day. Which helps the baby growing in your womb to be sold.

What not to eat

Before becoming pregnant, you must not think that I should eat this or not. But when you are pregnant, you have to take great care on your diet, why the opposite – eating food that is bloated can harm your unborn child, so eat whatever you eat carefully.

1. Foods that can harm the womb: – The elders and elders of your household must have told you in advance that they do not eat or eat and that is absolutely correct. There are some fruits and food items due to which there is a fear of getting pregnant, such as: pineapple, raw or ripe papaya etc.

2. Seafood: You should not eat mosquitoes or food derived from sea or river because it contains an element called methyl-mercury, which hinders the brain development of the unborn child. If you have to eat munchies then eat sweet water munchies which are found in rivers and ponds.

3. Soft Cheeses: Nowadays the trend of eating soft cheese has increased, people say it with great fervour, whether it is burger, sandwich, or pizza, there is a lot of soft cheese in it, there is no harm in eating cheese. But bacteria are also found in some cheese which can harm your womb, therefore, do not eat soft cheese, it will be better.

4. Packaged / Processed Foods: All the packed food items found in the market like fruit juice, packed milk, and whatnot. Try not to eat food from the readymade you get from the market. Because dangerous bacteria and bacteria are found in them, which can cause damage to your womb.

I sincerely hope that you have liked the article about first month pregnancy diet . If you have any question in your mind, you can ask us in the comment box given below.