Winter in the Coronavirus period – home remedies to avoid colds

Winter in the Coronavirus period

Winter in the CORONA period – home remedies to avoid colds

People are more at risk from Coronavirus (Covid-19), who have complaints of cold, cough, cold, asthma etc. During the time of Coronavirus, you can try these 10 home-snacks to keep yourself from cold and cough.

Home remedies to avoid colds during CORONA period

You do not have any kind of side-effects from all these home remedies, but all these things will strengthen your immunity system inside your body and help the body to fight against diseases.


10 home remedies to prevent cold, cough and cold in Coronavirus

1) Basil leaf and black salt

If you have a cold, cold, eat basil leaves with black salt. You will get rest soon in this type of routine. Eating Tulsi leaf also strengthens your digestive system and provides mental peace. In addition, swelling from the lungs (Lunga) also removes, so that you do not have trouble breathing.


2) Turmeric Milk (MILK)

People who always have a cold, cough, cold, they should drink turmeric milk before going to bed at night. By drinking turmeric milk, your cold, cough, cold will also be cured and health will also be maintained. Along with this, the skin is also clean, bones are also strengthened and blood sugar is also controlled. And also gives the power to fight against diseases.


3) Lemon and Ginger

People who are often complaining of cold, cold, cough should take lemon juice with ginger. Consuming lemon-ginger daily can relieve colds, colds and cough. Lemon is also very good for skin.

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4) Garlic

If you always have a cold – cold, cough, then roast garlic in ghee and eat it hot. By doing this, you get rid of cold, cold, cough and immunity also increases immunity. Due to this, high blood-pressure is also controlled. Digestion also remains superior. It is also helpful in prevention of stomach ailments like diarrhea and constipation.

home remedies to avoid Coronavirus

5) Roasted chickpeas

Eat roasted chickpea and drink warm milk before going to bed at night. This clears the respiratory drain and relieves cold, cold, cough complaints. Eating roasted chickpea strengthens digestive power and also reduces weight. Also, the problem of urine (urination) is also removed. Therefore, a regular intake of roasted gram should be consumed.

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6) Masala Tea

To get relief from cold, cold, cough, drink hot – hot masala tea. For this, mix ginger, basil and black pepper in the tea. Masala tea also has a very good taste and relieves cold-cold, cough as well.


7) Black Pepper

Chewing 2-3 black peppers before bed gets rid of the problem of cold, juicy, long cough. Mixing black pepper with basil leaves and eating it also cures the cold. Eating pepper also cures stomach disease and relieves constipation and acidity. Also, consuming black pepper helps to cure any problem related to skin.

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8) Carrot Juice

People who always have cough-cold, they should drink carrot juice regularly. Carrot juice increases immunity and cures cough-cold. Both skin and hair look good by taking carrot juice regularly. Digestion is also right and helps in controlling diseases like cancer.

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9) Ginger and Salt

If you have got a sore throat due to cold-cold, then cut ginger into small pieces and add salt to it and eat it. By doing this, the cold-cold gets cured and the sore throat also opens.


10) Gargle with hot water and salt(to avoid Coronavirus)


Cough – To get rid of cold, add salt to hot water and gargle. Cough – This is a very easy and effective home remedy to get rid of colds. If you fall in pain, throat infection is also removed.

home remedies to avoid Coronavirus

So if you get a cold or a fever during this Corona period, you can try all these home remedies so that you get immediate relief. If even then there is no improvement in your health, then you can use a Dr. You can contact him or get Covid-19 tested.


So friends, hope you will like this article related to covid-19. Also, to stay away from the coronavirus, we stay at home, if it is more necessary then go out of the house. Wear masks, wash hands with soap and use hand sanitizer and protect yourself and your family from coronavirus.

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