How to make six pack abs? Complete information-Its Health


How to make six pack abs? Complete information-Its Health

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How to make six pack abs – The desire to look beautiful is the malevolent quality of women, but now men are not far behind to look smart / attractive. Most of the youth of today have a dream and beautiful body. Young people have their own instincts


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Someone wants a body like your favorite actor and someone wants to keep your body fit. The desire to look handsome draws the youth to gymnasium and now the fashion of six pack abs is a special attraction after the filmy hero’s overthrow. So let’s know how to make six pack abs

After all, how can six pack abs be introduced. It is a difficult exercise and diet control process. Six pack abs can be introduced in 4 to 6 months by continuous motivation and hard work. For six pack abs, it is necessary to reduce the body fat (fat, fats) and give necessary strength to the muscles of the abdomen (Abdomen).


Easy to say, difficult to do but not impossible. What you want is will power, endurance, time and concentration and you can be rich in all six pack abs. Which can be a matter of attraction and pride for all. So let’s know how the abdominal muscles can be strengthened by hard work: –

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1. Do Sit-Ups: –

Laying the feet on the floor, keeping the feet on the floor, bending the knees from the knees. Place the hands behind the head or on the chest and try to take the upper part of the body from the shoulders along the waist to the knees. In this way, the muscles of the stomach will work with their full strength and they will have the power. Start by inhaling each of the sit-ups and while exhaling, go to the precondition of relaxation. Once well practiced, sit-ups can also be done by placing a ball or other weight on the chest for sit-ups.

1.-Sit-ups its health

2. Leg Lift – Paad-Uttanasan: –

Keeping on the floor, keep the legs straight and hands, both sides of the body. Raising the legs upright without raising the knees at a 90 degree angle without bringing the feet up perfectly, hold the legs from 6 to 10 seconds, return to the former state of relaxation, by doing 10-12 times daily for the mass of the feet. With the lower abdomen, the main power is required




Remember that through these exercises you are powering the stomach muscles. Therefore, cardio-exercises like aerobics exercises like cycling, swimming, walking, running, dance, racket sports etc. are necessary for other body parts to maintain your fitness. Burning excess body fat stored in the body and taking care of balanced diet is also necessary for six pack abs.


3. Cycling: –

Cycling is also a best way to reduce fat. it reduces belly fat very soon. If the fat is reduced one time, then the abs will also be formed automatically.



4. Exercise Crunches: –

Crunches are also a very effective exercise in themselves, Crunches are also similar to sit ups exercise. As a sit-ups exercise, prepare your body and place your hands on the chest. Now you have to raise your shoulders towards the knees. The thing to note is that in this exercise, you should not lift your back from the ground because it can cause back pain. While doing this exercise, your weight should be read only on your abs, meaning on your stomach.

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5. Perform Jack-Knife Sit-Ups: –

Jack-knife Sit-Ups can also be called a perfect six pack abs exercise. To do this exercise you have to lie down on the ground. Now raise your head and knees together until the head touches the knee. After this, you try in normal position. This exercise is a little difficult but it is very important to do it correctly. Do this exercise with an expert while doing this exercise.


6. Butt Ups Exercise: –



This is an easy and beneficial exercise in making six pack abs. It should start just like the starting of pushups. Place the elbow on the ground and take the arm straight away. Now lift your hips upwards slowly. Now lower the hips slowly, then up it should affect your stomach, only then you can make abs and you will benefit from it.

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