If vomiting comes again and again, use these 5 things kept in the house

If vomiting comes again and again, use these 5 things kept in the house, it is also beneficial in gas and indigestion


Home remedies for vomiting: You can have vomiting due to many reasons. While this can be a symptom of serious diseases, it can also be caused by gas. In such a situation, you can use these things kept in the kitchen.

Vomiting can happen to anyone. This is a problem for which there is no solid reason behind it. This can be due to some serious illness such as stomach infection, ulcers and liver damage, so it can be due to some common problems like acidity, indigestion and flatulence. But if you are vomiting only and there are no other problems with it, then you can take the help of some home remedies to stop vomiting. So, let us tell you about some home remedies for vomiting that can help to stop vomiting easily. Also, they will be found in the kitchen of your home. So, let’s find out.

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Home Remedies to Treat Nausea and Vomiting

1. Keep black pepper seeds in the mouth

If you have frequent vomiting and nausea, then black pepper is a panacea for you. If you feel like vomiting, take two or four grains of black pepper and keep it in the mouth. Apart from this, you can also take some black pepper by grinding it and adding salt. It removes your indigestion, stops nausea and stops vomiting.

2. Chew by keeping fennel in the mouth

Chew by keeping the fennel in the mouth. It helps to stop vomiting. In fact, along with being full of anti-inflammatory properties, it also has some aroma which prevents vomiting. Apart from this, it is also helpful in curing nausea and indigestion. Apart from this, if you cannot eat Kalonji like this, then you can use its oil.

3. Mix black salt in ginger and keep it in the mouth

Ginger works well for nausea and vomi ting. Grate a small piece of ginger, mix grated ginger with salt and press it in the mouth. Its juice will help in reducing vomiting immediately. Apart from this, if you have a problem of gas and indigestion, then it will help in reducing acidity by neutralizing the gas.

4. Eat Tamarind

Grind tamarind and extract its juice and now eat this thick juice mixed with honey. Along with removing acidity, it will also help you to deal with the problem of indigestion. Also it will make your mood better. Apart from this, if you are on the way, then you can eat tamarind like this too. This will prevent nausea in your journey, keep the mind calm and will also keep the digestive system right.

5. Roast coriander seeds and eat it with black salt

Coriander seeds being an antacid, work very effectively in the problem of nausea and vomiting. For this, first roast the coriander seeds and eat it after chewing it with black salt. Then drink a glass of water. This will remove your vomi-ting problem in some time.


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