How to Take Care of Your Skin – Skin Care Tips-Its Health

How to Take Care of Your Skin – Skin Care Tips-Its Health

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Today in this post Skin Care Tips , we will tell you some useful things because we do not know how to take good care of ourselves and our skin in our daily part-life, which makes our skin look dull, dry and unhealthy. The beauty of the face ends, so it is important to give a little time to your skin in this part-of-the-day life.


So let’s start looking beautiful with your daily beauty plan, only then your skin will remain beautiful and you will look beautiful.

Skin Care Tips- Daily Routine


Wash on face – Use face wash to protect skin from dirt, dirt and sweat. This opens the band rome pores of the skin and the skin breathes freely. Also keeps healthy

CLEANSING-its health


* Wash face twice a day with facewash, after bathing in the morning and after returning home in the evening

* Select Facewash keeping in mind the skin type

* If you have pimples on your face, use acne free face wash.

* If skin is dry, then use milk, cream or oil based face wash and also check Ph balance.

* If skin is oily, prefer gel based face wash. Also check whether face wash contains salicylic acid

* Do not put face wash on face more than two times. Due to this, the natural oils of the skin get dusted and the skin becomes dry.

* Use transparent jel instead of ordinary soap for bathing. Soap makes skin dry, while gel makes skin feel soft

Skin Care Tips-Its Health



Moisturizing keeps skin soft – soft – soft. Essential elements are also replenished by the use of moisturizing. Use of moisturizing is essential for good skin



*  your skin is normal or dry, apply moisturizer on your face twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed.

*  skin is oil, apply moisturizer just once daily, before sleeping at night.

* Like face wash, choose a moisturizer keeping in mind your skin type.

* If the skin is dry, choose a moisturizer that contains soy butter, koko buttu and olive oil.

* If the skin is oily, buy a water based moisturizer. They are best for oily skin



The skin of the lips is more soft than the face, so the lips start to crack a little carelessly. In this case, it is important to take special care of lips everyday. Beautiful lips add beauty to us



* To keep lips soft – apply lip baam on lips 3-4 times daily

* Do not forget to lick the lips with the tongue. This makes the skin of lips dry

* Avoid Glossy lipstick

* Do not use fruit based lip baam



Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful rays emanating from the sun, so it is necessary to apply sunscreen not only in summer, but also in cold and rainy seasons. It also helps in the risk of skin damage.


Methods of applying SUNSCREEN

* Apply sunscreen on the skin 20 minutes before exiting the house

* If going for outdoor, keep sunscreen on 2-3 hours interval

* Buy only sunscreen with 30 SPF

* If you have very pimple or skin oily face, choose gel based and oil free sunscreen

* Apply sun cream not only on face but also in hands and feet. These serve to accentuate aging

* For protection from sun damage, include colored fruits, such as orange, strawberry, etc. in your daily routine.



To remove face fatigue, apply face pack once a day. The face gets a natural glow from the face pack. Face pack cleans the dirt of the face and enhances beauty. Face pack should be chosen according to your skin

* Normal skin
Normal skin Apply turmeric or sandalwood face pack regularly. Similarly, you can also use any face pack for fairness or glowing skin.

Choose milk based face pack to make skin dryness work. If you want, you can apply a face pack of curd or honey. This makes the skin soft and soft but not dry, as well as glow on the face.

Apply oil control face pack, such as multani mitti, it helps in oiliness of the skin. Apply a face pack, leaving one day instead of daily. This will remove the extra oil of the face and will also improve the face.

If the face is full of pimples, then one control face pack can prove to be best for you, like – Neem face pack. This makes complaining of pimples work. The acne also gets worked up and glows a little bit on the face.

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Our face is our mirror, from which all the expressions are exposed. So for this we should pay special attention not only to our face but also to the body and we should do regular clean and care.


Also exercise and yoga should be done. Healthy food, juice should also be taken, and music should be heard and always be happy. By doing this, both our skin and body will become healthy.


So friends, hope you will like the Skin Care Tips  article and for any kind of information you can ask me in the comment.

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