Whom does Protein get and why is it important?

Whom does Protein get and why is it important?


Whom does Protein get? We get the most protein: cheese, egg, soya bean, kala chana, milk, chicken, almonds, if you want to know which diet is the most protein, then you can Read the written article and make your body strong and healthy by eating protein rich food.

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Protein is an essential nutrient which helps our body to grow.

So let’s know how much protein our body needs daily

A woman aged 19-70 needs 46 grams of protein throughout the day.


And a 19-70 year old man needs 56 grams of protein in a day.


If the body is getting more protein, then the body converts it into energy, but keep in mind that taking more protein can read the pressure on your liver.


What happens by taking less protein:? If there is deficiency in your body, then your body growth will not be done properly and you will not be able to do any work properly because your muscles will get tired soon.


So let’s know from whom do we get Protein

First of all, we move on to vegetarian foods: –


Good protein is present in milk products such as:

Indian cheese
By the way, there are many vitamins in things made with milk, one of which is protein.

Chick peas
Soak the gram then you can eat it raw or boil.

horse gram
Rajma Dal

We should eat all kinds of pulses in food,healthy because there is more protein in the pulses

Dry Fruits: –
Pumpkin Seeds

All the above dry fruits have good protein, which you can eat a little everyday.


Now we talk about non vegetarian food: Whom does protein get?


By the way, compared to vegetarian food, more protein is found in non-vegetarian food.


You can also eat eggs by boil or by making an omelet. Boiled egg is better

Chicken (Chiken)

Eating chicken 2 to 3 times a week also maintains good amount of protein in the body




The specialty of fish is that, along with protein, we also get calcium and other types of vitamins in it.


Goat (mutton)

More protein is found in goat meat than mango, but eating it more can also increase the amount of fat in your body.


If you have high blood pressure, or have cholesterol in your body, then you should not eat mutton.


Protein Powder:

If there is some deficiency of protein in your healthy body, then you can also use protein powder, but first you go to a doctor and know from him what kind of diet you need, any protein by yourself. Do not eat powder always consult doctors


Protein found in the market can also be a loss factor for you, always buy protein powder of good quality, often people also take protein powder to make a body, but the most important thing is to choose the right powder.


Drink powder by asking doctor or GYM instructor


Hopefully you must have found out whom Protein meets and what we should eat, if you liked reading this article, then please share it with your friends in Facebook, Twitter, and Google too.

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